Intel Posts Best Quarterly Profits Ever

bp9801 - July 13, 2010 01:56PM in Manufacturers

I know all the rage these days is on tablets and smartphones but there are still plenty of people out there buying computer parts. That is never more evident then with the numbers Intel has just released for this past fiscal quarter. Intel, leading manufacturer of processors, has just had its best quarter ever with a $10.6 billion revenue that generated $2.9 billion in profit. Thats right, $2.9 billion in profit for one quarter for Intel. That profit is an increase of $445 million from last quarter and a revenue increase of $3.3 billion from last year. The majority of the recent revenue was driven by laptop and server sales as well as a 16 percent increase in Atom sales. Another thing is that the sale price of the chips went up which helped to drive up revenue since more chips at a higher price means more money for Intel.