Consumer Reports Confirm iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

bp9801 - July 12, 2010 02:57PM in Mobile

It is no secret that the iPhone 4 has a reception problem when you hold it a certain way due to the antenna that encircles the phone. Apple even went on record stating that it is not a design flaw but rather a software problem in which a fix is being developed. Consumer Reports, however, contradicts Apple's statement by conducting a series of tests on several iPhone 4's and other phones offered by AT&T. Consumer Reports tested these phones in its RF chamber which simulates varying signal levels from all the major carriers and found that the iPhone 4 was the only phone to lose signal when held. CR even went to say that AT&T's network may not be the prime culprit but rather the antenna on the phone, as everyone but Apple suspected. A piece of tape that covers that bottom-left corner seems to be a simple and effective fix if you don't want to get a rubber case. Whats more is that Consumer Reports cannot and will not recommend the iPhone 4 until Apple issues a proper and free fix, even though the new version has the best screen and features compared to past models.