Celeron is Here to Stay

Dariuas - July 11, 2010 10:47AM in CPU's

Recent reports from the Taiwanese press stated that 2011 would mark the final farewell of Intel Celeron chips. The 12-year old processor was said to be removed from the lineup. However, Barry Sum, a spokesman for the company sent this rebuttal saying the report is false.

"The rumor is not true, Intel has no plan to phase out the Celeron brand in 2011. Intel Celeron processors continue to provide a low-cost computing solution for basic computing needs,"

The Celeron processor has been a staple in Intel's line up. The Celeron name has many different faces, ranging in both speed and price, anywhere from $43 each per thousand units for the two core 2.4Ghz chip, to a $100 mobile chip at 2.2GHz. Holding the trophy for being the cheapest per unit, the Celeron processor it seems will not be making its exit any time soon especially with three new chips slated to come out some time in Q3.