Apple Issues Firmware Update, Can't Fix Antenna

CheeseMan42 - July 9, 2010 01:02PM in Mobile

Apple is developing a firmware update to fix a problem with how the iPhone determines and displays signal strength. A problem present since the original iPhone, which has resulted in displaying up to 2 more bars than it should. Apple will issue an update using an AT&T recommended algorithm, and will finally show the correct number of bars. Gizmodo has confirmed on three separate occasions that the new fix won't help with the problem that arises when holding the phone in a certain way. This issue deals with the placement of the antenna, and the physical problem can't be fixed by a software patch. A petition has been started asking Apple to issue a proper fix or give out rubber cases to insulate the antenna from the hand. So, for now at least, users will have to avoid holding the phone in a way that will block reception.