G.Skill Launches 24GB 2000MHz CL8 DDR3 Kit

bp9801 - July 8, 2010 10:12AM in Memory

G.Skill, makers of fine performance memory kits, has announced the newest addition to its staple of gaming RAM, the 24GB 2000MHz CL8 DDR3 kit. This kit packs six, 4GB sticks running at an impressive 2000MHz. Not only do they run at 2000MHz but also have a CAS Latency of 8 all while running at 1.65v. This kit is aimed at users of X58 boards who demand the most performance for their money. During the recent Computex show, G.Skill showed off this kit but running with a CL of 9. G.Skill decided to push itself just a bit harder and drop that CL down to 8 which is just mighty impressive if you ask me. This kit is already garnering attention from extreme performance users who demand the most performance and highest memory capacity from their systems.

No word on pricing or availability was announced at this time.