Microsoft Develops Windows Phone 7 for Mobile Devices

Dariuas - July 6, 2010 09:05PM in Mobile

When it comes to the development of mass market operating systems, there is no doubt Microsoft holds the belt. With the recent battlefield taking place on mobile devices, Microsoft concedes to the fact its current mobile system is not cutting it. Windows Mobile does not have the velocity of Apple's iPhone platform, or even Google's Android base. You may recall some of this information from previous news articles

With the new push, Microsoft plans to develop Windows Phone 7, a new operating system specifically for mobile devices. Microsoft needs to bring the big guns to this fight, according to CSS Insight Analyst John Jackson.

"They have to have something out there to compete with the iPhone and Android because the future of computing is mobile. It's that simple."

Microsoft has the gaming market cornered with the Xbox 360, and with the pending release of Kinect, it would be nice to see Microsoft push their gaming style to a mobile device. While no specific details have been released, check back here as more Windows Phone 7 information becomes available.