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Apple Post Statement About iPhone 4, AT&T Post Cute Fish Video

Category: Gadgets
Posted: 04:16PM

So, you have probably heard that the iPhone 4 has some reception issues. If you haven't heard about it, you can read more about it in our past coverage here, here and here. Now, more than a week after the release of the latest iPhone, Apple has finally issued an official statement concerning the reception issues. The claim made by Apple is that it is not a hardware issue, but a problem in the formula that is used to determine signal strength. The formula which Apple called "totally wrong" may result in 4 or more bars being displayed when in actuality the signal strength is as little as two bars. This factored in with normal signal degradation that occurs when holding any cell phone results in a user seeing a drop in signal that didn't exist to begin with. Signal strength (or lack thereof) can also impact how much is lost when the device is being held. Apple plans to release an update for the iPhone's operating system within the next few weeks to correct the issue.

Apple ends the announcement with a statement reminding users that if they are not happy with their iPhone 4, they have the option to return the undamaged unit within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. 

In related news, but not quite worth its own post, Apple's US iPhone partner has started a new ad campaign titled "Rethink Possible" - not much different from Apple's old "Think Different" campaign. The first video for AT&T's new ad series has been posted to the company's Share AT&T YouTube Channel. The video, which will also air in 3D during the World Cup as well as before select 3D films, depicts a fish and well, that is pretty much it. Yeah, I'm not really sure about the odd video myself. What do you think?

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