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Logitech Launches Four HD Webcams

Category: Gadgets
Posted: 01:50PM

Logitech today has announced some new webcams that can all shoot in high definition. Logitech's top model, the HD Pro C910, offers 720p video calling and 1080p video recording along with Logitech Fluid Crystal technology and one-click HD-uploading to Facebook and Youtube. There will be three other models of HD webcams available to suit any requirement you want with the C510 being designed with portability in mind. That model also features 360 degree rotation to allow you to include more people in your video call though the C510 cannot do 1080p recording, just the 720p calling. The two other models are the C310 and the C270 which will feature 720p video calling and are aimed at people on a budget.

The price for the C910 will be $99, the C510 will be $59, the C310 at $49, and the C270 at $39. All models except for the C910 will be available starting in June in the U.S with Europe and Asia following in July and August. The C910 will be available starting in August in the three territories.

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Guest comment
Varun on June 10, 2010 05:34PM
I saw a posting on another board that basically implied wired webcams are useless given that most notebooks and netbooks have integrated webcams theses days. Lest we see the same nonsense here: 1. a stand-alone wired webcam allows for different angles, you can place it elsewhere, some of these cameras have auto-focus, some (such as the new Logitech cameras and a couple of Creative cameras) support HD video - none of which you can do with an integrated webcam. 2. In addition, you can use the webcam for monitoring, with services like gotocamera (http://www.gotocamera.com) or software like yawcam (http://www.yawcam.com), both of which benefit from the flexibility afforded by a wired webcam. Yes, integrated webcams are increasingly common. But the flexibility of wired webcams is, to my mind, still undisputed.

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