Titan Fenrir EVO CPU Cooler Announced

Nemo - June 9, 2010 10:36PM in CPU Cooling

Titan has announced the Fenrir EVO, TTC-NK85TZ/CS@ (RB), CPU cooler which is a follow-on to the original Fenrir cooler we reviewed last year. The Fenrir EVO has been updated with a powerful fan featuring nine kukri-shaped blades for even quieter operation. The fan is spins at 800-2200 RPM and using the included PWM intelligent fan controller, is rated at <15-<35dBA. The all-in-one socket support makes it compatible with most Intel and AMD systems and should match the original Fenrir's cooling performance while offering a reduced noise signature. Titan expects the Fenrir EVO to become available next month at a yet to be disclosed price.