Playstation 3 Getting 3D Titles Tomorrow

bp9801 - June 9, 2010 01:35PM in Gaming

The Playstation Network is down today for some scheduled maintenance and should be back up by 8:30PM PST tonight. Perhaps the maintenance is to prepare the Playstation 3 for the 3D titles that are launching tomorrow. Thats right, the PS3 is getting some 3D games to display on your new 3DTV, possibly even a Sony one. The games that are getting the 3D treatment are Pain, Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, and the demo for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. The upcoming Playstation Move title The Fight: Lights Out will also support 3D when it launches so you can show off your new motion controller with a 3D game. These games will make the PS3 the first game console to support 3D but I just hope the 3D does not look tacked on since these games have already been available for some time. I guess tomorrow will be the first test of it.