Thermaltake Debuts New Keyboard Line

bp9801 - June 4, 2010 06:48PM in Input Devices

Thermaltake has debuted a new line of keyboards at Computex. These keyboards will be branded under the Challenger name and are all mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers. Probably the most unique feature of the entire thing is that it comes with a little 6,000 RPM fan to help cool your hands down while you game. This little fan plugs into the keyboard's top panel and should be sufficient enough to blow a steady stream of cool air on your sweaty fingers. The Challenger line will have three keyboards aimed at different price points but all should have two USB ports and headphone/mic ports as well. The entry-level Challenger will come with 6 macro keys and 32KB of built-in memory to store your macros. The mid-range Challenger Pro will have 10 macro keys and presumably 64KB of built-in memory while the top of the line Challenger Ultimate will have 14 macro keys and 64KB of memory. The Challenger Ultimate is also listed as having 256 backlight options though no mention was made if the other two models will have backlighting as well. I can't see Thermaltake only having one of the keyboards with backlighting so expect the other two to carry it as well, albeit probably not 256 different options.

All the keyboards are expected to retail for under $100 with the Pro expected to cost $65. No word on a launch date was announced at this time.