Microsoft to Shut Down Bing Cashback

bp9801 - June 4, 2010 12:54PM in General News

After a run of two years, Microsoft has announced that it is going to shut down it's Bing Cashback program. The program was initially developed by, whom Microsoft bought in 2007, and offered customers a means of getting a rebate on a product searched through Bing. Once you found a vendor from Microsoft's preferred list, you would purchase your item and await for the rebate. Microsoft had hoped for a much larger adoption rate than what it got so the move was made today to close down the Cashback program. The Cashback program will remain active until July 30th and then after that, customers have one year to redeem any cash earned back through their purchases. The Bing Cashback program was a once important part of Microsoft's push to market its search engine as the number one to use with even Bill Gates promoting it. I know there have been several people who have used Bing Cashback on purchases lately so what is your take on the move to shut it down?