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Galaxy Shows Off Dual-GPU GTX 470

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 02:58PM

Computex is full of surprises and video card maker Galaxy certainly has a big one. The company has shown off a dual-GPU GTX 470 card. Thats right folks, a dual-GPU card using two GF100 chips. The card is a monster at 12 inches long and it requires two 8 pin PCI-e connectors. You read that right, two 8 pin PCI-e connectors just to make this power hungry beast work. A single GTX 470 has a TDP of 215W so you can imagine that two of them will double that figure to 430W. However, the two 8 pin connectors only supply 150W each and then the PCI-e x16 slot supplies another 75W which brings the maximum yield to 375W. That does not sound like enough juice to make the card work but perhaps Galaxy has downclocked each GPU in order to consume less power which would be one of the only ways to make it work. The card only has 2GB of memory which is far less than the 2.56GB two GTX 470s would use so perhaps the memory interface is only 256-bit to further reduce power usage. All in all though, this card is simply a prototype as NVIDIA has no plans for an official dual-GPU GF100-based card anytime soon.

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Puck on June 2, 2010 08:00PM
Waste of resources. Two 470s would need to be downclocked and downgraded so much to work on a single board that the performance would too far from running two in SLI to justify the cost.
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Steve McBarnes on June 3, 2010 08:08AM
This card is perfect for 3D Vision Surround. It has 2 Fermi GPUs and 3 DVU ports which is exactly what you need for a 3 monitor 3D Vision Surround setup. Coincidence? I think not.
fausto412 on June 3, 2010 09:54AM
that's going to be a $600+ dollar monster and a waste of resources. before making such beast they need to get their yields up and revise the design to get more out of it.
CowKing on June 3, 2010 01:30PM
this isn't an official Nvidia product. This is all Galaxy's design.
AddictedGamer93 on June 3, 2010 04:23PM
now imagine a dual GTX 480 card.............

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