NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 Specs

jammin - May 20, 2010 02:47PM in Video Cards

BSN* are reporting what they claim to be the final specifications for the upcoming NVIDIA GTX 465 reference card, which will feature a further cut down version of the GF100 chip used in the GTX 470 and 480. GPU dies that didn't shape up to performance levels necessary for the those higher end cards had further SM units disabled to provide GPUs for GTX 465 cards. The final specs are being reported as 352 CUDA cores clocked at the same 1215MHz used for the GTX 470 (which has 448 cores). That also means the Graphics Clock remains at 607MHz for the GTX 465, while the memory controller takes a step down to 256-bit with 1024MB of memory running at 801MHz QDR, for total bandwidth of 102.6GB/s (compared to 133.9GB/s on GTX 470 and 177.4GB/s for the GTX 480).

What is slightly surprising is that the PCB length will supposedly come in longer than that of the GTX 470 reference card, but shorter than the GTX 480. The presence of two 6-pin PCIe power connectors give the card the same potential maximum TDP as the GTX 470 at 225W, but you can expect the actual figure to come in below that. That available power may also be promising in terms of overclocking performance. Reports are pointing to early June (possibly the 1st) for the GTX 465 release, with good numbers of cards supposedly available at launch. Pricing is expected to be around $249 / €269. Rumors of a GTX 460 card following in July have also surfaced, though details on that are considerably more obscure.