Scythe Unveils Kaze Master Pro Fan Controllers

premiumgfx - May 12, 2010 04:11AM in Cases, Cooling

Scythe today expanded its Kaze Master Fan Controller series with the addition of two new models. The new Kaze Master Pro 5.25" and 3.5" fan controllers support two extra fans and temperature channels in comparison to their standard counterparts. This enables users to operate up to six fans between 3.7V and 12V, along with up to six temperature sensors. Both controllers include VF-Displays (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) which show fan speed and temperature for two fans (5.25" model) or one fan (3.5" model) with turn-switches to change the fan and temperature sensor displayed. Each controller includes an individual knob for the fan speed of each fan and an alarm which sounds when critical temperatures are reached or if a fan fails. Both controllers feature a new black chassis. The Kaze Master Pro 5.35 (KM03-BK) and Kaze Master Pro 3.5 (KM03-BK-3.5) are available for US$45.00 and US$36.00 respectively, excluding tax.