GigaPan 45 Gigapixel Pic of Dubai Skyline is World's Largest

jammin - May 10, 2010 02:52PM in Digital Photography/Video

You may be familiar with GigaPan as being the company that produced the robotic photography platform that enabled the capture of President Obama's Inauguration in impressive detail. GigaPan has since released improved hardware in the shape of the GigaPan Epic Pro and decided to show off what it could by creating the world's largest stitched together image, picking the Dubai skyline as the subject. With a Canon 7D mounted to the robotic platform taking nearly 4,250 photos (27.5GB worth) in total the final image weighs in at just short of 45 Gigapixels (44,800 Megapixels) and is available to view on That means you should be able to accurately count all of the cranes dotted around what must be the world's largest building site (with the imposing structure of the Burj Kalifa at its center). There is also a (not all that interesting, truth be told) "making of" video below.