Corsair Releases Wickedly Fast GTX 2533MHz DDR3 Memory

Nemo - May 6, 2010 09:24PM in Memory

Well, that didn't take long. A couple of weeks ago the world's fastest DDR3 memory was announced with clock speeds of 2500MHz. Now Corsair has announced its Dominator GTX4 ultra-high-speed memory modules with operation guaranteed up to 2533MHz. To reach these speeds, Corsair had to manually screen literally thousands of ICs to select the 32 that meet the stringent requirements. Once assembled, each module is hand-tested in the lab at 2533MHz with latency settings of 9-11-10-30 at 1.65V using a Core i7 CPUs on Gigabyte P55 motherboards. The modules are available in limited quantities at Corsair's web store. As with other members of Corsair's Dominator family, the GTX4 modules come equipped with DHX+ technology using heatsinks specially designed to cool both the front and rear of the memory ICs as well as the PCB itself. The fins can also be removed to accept one of Corsair's advanced cooling solutions. Each 2GB module can be ordered online for $325US.