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StarCraft II Launching July 27

Category: Gaming
Posted: 02:49PM

RTS fans the world over can now rejoice as Blizzard has announced that StarCraft II will launch on July 27th. The launch date appears to be worldwide, as Blizzard announced you can pick up the game in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan on that date. Thats a huge list of countries and continents, so it seems like nearly everyone will be able to get their fix on July 27th. The single player portion will have players taking the reins of Jim Raynor through a 29-mission campaign that will allow you to choose your own path through it. There will also be some challenge-mode minigames included to help get players ready for the multiplayer portion. The game will also come with an updated version of Battle.net and a highly advanced set of content creation tools that will allow you to make pretty much anything you can dream of, even a third person shooter.

The game will be available as a $59.99 standard copy or the $99.99 collector's edition that includes a ton of extra content. Who all is looking forward to the end of July now?

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sack_patrol on May 4, 2010 08:01PM
this was posted on Gametrailers.com too so not not new to me as of earlier today but I'm sort of looking forward to this game and I wanna see if it will hold up to it's predecessor and I have reason to believe it will... Though it's damn freakin expensive. Obviously Collectors Edition is the way to go since no starcraft game is complete without it's expansions. (playing the first starcraft game without brood war feels incomplete)...so I'll see how it goes...maybe try and get my hands on the game from somewhere and play it so I can decide if I wanna save up a fortune and buy it. Jeasus Christ Almighty...100$ sheesh.

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