Mobile NVIDIA GTX480M's Coming to a George Foreman, err Laptop Near You

sdy284 - May 2, 2010 04:02PM in OCC News

You think that the GTX480 creates a lot of heat in your nice big desktop? Just imagine cramming one of the hottest and most power hungry GPUs ever into a laptop. Sounds pretty crazy huh? Well thats exactly what Eurocom is planning to do. Complete with 2Gb of GDDR5, the GTX 480M is scheduled to start rolling out in June of this year. Understandably, Eurocom is only able to offer this GPU on it's 17" and 18.4" laptops. Hopefully Eurocom will avoid the lawsuits and put a giant heat warning sticker on them, because God-knows that is going to be one toasty laptop. Think this is a recipe for disaster? Voice your opinion in our forums.