HP Slate No More

bp9801 - April 30, 2010 12:16PM in Gadgets

The news is starting to trickle in, but it seems as if HP has officially killed off the Slate, the touchscreen tablet that got announced at CES this year. HP has not announced much information on why the Slate project was abandoned, but early reviews of the tablet were not in its favors. The reviews called it a slow, handicapped PC that was forced into a tablet, so that could be one reason why HP terminated the project. The Slate would have run Windows 7, which has plenty of touch-enabled features, but maybe HP's recent acquisition of Palm could turn a future tablet device into something running WebOS. The iPad runs on a version of iPhone OS, so it is possible that HP decided this was the best way for a tablet to work in the real world. Whatever the case may be, it is kind of disappointing to have an iPad rival killed off before it even saw the light of day, but that is the way the world works sometimes.