Fourth-Generation iPhone Revealed

bp9801 - April 19, 2010 03:33PM in Mobile

There was a bit of a buzz this weekend as a rumored prototype of the next iPhone was supposedly revealed. Now, it seems that the prototype is an actual Apple design as the folks at Gizmodo tore it apart to find out. The prototype shows up in iTunes, XCode, and System Profiler as an actual iPhone, though it does not show up as either an iPhone 3G or 3GS. Plus, the internal components all have Apple labeling which further backs up the belief that it is the real deal. This prototype was found running iPhone OS 4.0 but then Apple remotely disabled it and the phone went into restore mode. Apple themselves even wants the prototype back, for obvious reasons.

Now, to the new stuff found in the prototype fourth-gen iPhone. The prototype features a front-facing camera, an upgraded rear camera with a larger lens, and a flash for the rear camera. The volume button is now split and metallic, just like the power and mute buttons on it. The prototype also uses micro-SIM which is pretty much an Apple exclusive. The prototype features a higher resolution screen though it appears to be slightly smaller in size compared to the iPhone 3GS. It also appears to have a second microphone to possibly help with noise cancellation during calls. The phone itself is more squared off so its not as rounded on the edges compared to the current iPhone. Oh, and the prototype also boasts a larger battery with all the surrounding components reduced in size to allow for the larger battery.

If indeed this prototype turns out to be the final design when the phone is, reportedly, unveiled this summer, then I think Apple has another winner on its hands.