StarCraft II Collector's Edition Contains Goodies, Will Cost $99.99

jammin - April 8, 2010 07:55PM in Gaming

We may still be waiting for an official release date for StarCraft II: WIngs of Liberty, but Blizzard has announced how much we can expect to pay for the standard and special collector's editions of the game. The standard edition DVD-ROM comes in at $59.99 and will also be available to download through Blizzard's online store shortly after launch, while the $99.99 collector's edition will be limited to retail stores (naturally). So what do you get for your extra forty bucks (and is it worth it)? Well, here is the list:

Anyone who buys either version of the game will be able to play online for free through the new version of Release date information to be announced "in the coming weeks". Is anyone else getting tired of waiting?