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Developers Go Bug Hunting With iPad

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 11:38AM

A major complaint of many of the 500,000 people who bought the Apple iPad over the past week, was the buggy software and add-ons that were produced for it. Normally we would blame the developers for not testing their product thoroughly enough before releasing it, but today that is not the case. App developers such as Jens Egebland of Vivid Apps have stated that because the iPad is so hard to code for, it feels like they are producing the app while blindfolded. Vivid, along with many other app designers, found that they were unable to actually test their app until they had received their iPad from Apple. This is a major problem because in order to see the app on the iPad, Apple has made it impossible to do without first publishing the app therefore making it available to the public before it has been tested. This is equivalent to a video game developer releasing the game to the public before even seeing the game played on a screen. Some developers in a sense, feel as though they are going bug hunting with the iPad being the net and the jar.

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