iPhone 4.0 OS "Sneak Peek"

d3bruts1d - April 8, 2010 04:29AM in Operating Systems

Today (10:00am PT, 1:00pm ET) Apple will offer a "sneak peek" into the iPhone OS 4.0. Of course, if it is anything like last year's iPhone 3.0 "sneak peek" it'll be more of a full OS feature keynote than just a peek. Some of the rumored features to be included in the iPhone OS 4.0 are:

I know there are a several people here at OCC that have an iPhone, iPod Touch, and maybe even an iPad. What do you want to see in the next iPhone OS?

If you are interested in live-as-it-happens-in-Cupertino, you may want to tune into one of the several sites providing a live coverage / blog of the event. Here are a few that are providing coverage: