Web Site Allows Lonely Gamers to Find Someone to Play With

Nemo - April 6, 2010 08:32AM in Internet, Gaming

A new web site allows gamers to pay women to play video games while conversing through a chat window. The site, Gamecrush.com, charges a not insignificant $6.60 for ten minutes. The site went into beta mode on March 30 and was so overwhelmed by the initial response that service crashed and hasn't come back on line.

The service works by allowing people to sign up either as a PlayDate where you are paid for your service or as a player where you must pay. PlayDates receive payment in the form of 400 credits($4.00) per game. PlayDates can also receive tips from players – I guess you can see where this is going. Players send a request to PlayDates who must accept the invitation. At that point:

"GameCrush does not monitor, moderate or otherwise control the interaction between its users."

Apparently this concept has proven wildly popular to the point that the site received 10,000 hits in just five minutes. At almost $40/hour, you can do the math and see that that's a pretty good business model.