iPad Autopsy Video

ClayMeow - April 6, 2010 08:09AM in Mobile

Tech enthusiasts are a curious bunch. We want to know how things work, and in order to do so, sometimes that means taking devices apart. With the recent release of Apple's new iPad comes a new device to take apart. Thankfully, Will Smith from Tested.com has done just that, so you don't have to destroy your $500+ investment. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also kills an iPad. Will completely disassembles every little thing inside the iPad and attempts to point out what each component is and/or does. At over twenty minutes in length, it's certainly a rather lengthy video, but if you really wanted to see what makes the iPad tick, there's no better way to learn.

Of course, if you'd just like to see the iPad obliterated into dust, you can visit our forum and watch the "Will It Blend?" video.