Corsair sets new PC Mark Vantage Record

sdy284 - April 2, 2010 08:09PM in OCC News

Many people know Corsair as a passionate manufacturer of great flash drives and power supplies, but apparently they're passionate about their benchmarks as well. Using Intel i7 980x cooled via liquid Nitrogen, and overclocked to over 5.7Ghz, they were able to achieve a Vantage score of 32,947. However, their extreme CPU overclock isn't the highlight of their bench rig, that honor would go to the eleven 200GB Force Series F200 SSDs in a RAID0 configuration (and as we all know, anything that goes to 11 is better). Other Corsair components included a 1000HX power supply and 6GB of their Dominator GTX2 memory. All of those components combined enabled them to smash through the previous record by over 1,600 points. Discuss this article in our forums.