The Dog Ate My... CPU!?

jammin - April 2, 2010 08:31AM in CPU's

We all know that dogs love the taste of homework (or so we would be led to believe), but you would have thought an Intel Core i5 750 CPU would be less appetizing. We now know of at least one dog out there who seems to enjoy the taste of silicon, as tacohunter52, one of our review staff, recently found out. After leaving said CPU in a dog friendly location (at ground level), it proceeded to find its way into his dog's mouth, where she gave it a good chewing before it was eventually recovered.

"My dog found it and decided to start eating it. She managed to get the heat spreader off, as well as to bend the poor CPU in the process."

You can see the results in the included pictures. Fortunately the reason the CPU was left laying around for the dog to get hold of was a recent unfortunate demise. I imagine he will be making a note to keep any live CPUs well out of the way in future, should his four legged friend have acquired something of a taste for hardware. You can share your thoughts on this story in our forums, and if you have had any pet related hardware incidents yourself, I'm sure we would love to hear about those as well.

Edit: This just in, the dog now has demands.