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NVIDIA Announces GTX 580

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 10:46PM

Less than a week after the launch of the GTX 480, NVIDIA has announced that the next series of graphics cards based on the Fermi architecture is already in the works - the 500 Series. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 will be the first to launch and will feature 580 CUDA cores to go along with its "580" moniker and have a whopping 2560MB of 384-bit GDDR5 memory. The rest of the specifications are unknown at this time, but NVIDIA is promising the fastest single-GPU card on the market.

"Although we're very proud of the GTX 480," NVIDIA President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said, "the 400 series is merely a tease for what Fermi can really accomplish. When we release the 500 series later this year, I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised."

After the rather lukewarm reception of the GTX 480, this is certainly welcome news to fans of NVIDIA. Even more welcoming is that the GTX 580 is expected to launch before the end of the year. In fact, Huang said that he's hopeful it'll be on the market by this summer. But what about a price? A separate NVIDIA source who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons let us in on a little secret - the GTX 580 will launch with the GTX 480's current price. The best part of that tidbit may be the obvious implication - a price drop on the 400 series! So if you're in the market for a new video card, it may be wise to wait until the summer...if you can hold off that long.

Happy AF Day :)

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Fight Game on March 31, 2010 09:13PM
It's always wise to wait! But we can't wait forever!
Guest comment
cam120 on March 31, 2010 09:35PM
I can't help but think ati is working on something just as big, and waiting for the nvidia hype to build. Then they'll release their 5890 and 5990 cards(or whatever they name the next gen), smack nvidia down again, and we'll have another 6 months of nvidia playing catch up. Or maybe they just sat happily on their lead, did nothing, and are just gonna cut prices to stay in the game? I doubt it.
Guest comment
sardonico on April 1, 2010 12:37AM
Folks, it's April fool's day.
Guest comment
Zee_Peeg on April 1, 2010 01:20AM
Yeah... april fools day hoax For one thing nVidia 'Thermi' is only designed to have 512 cores MAX!. They jus gonna sellotape 78 cores onto the die? Dont fink so!
Guest comment
Intelligent Idiot on April 1, 2010 01:34AM
512 + 78 = 590. Fail.
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Computer Help on April 1, 2010 01:39AM
It would be a awesome day when this graphic card would launch in the world. http://www.computersecurity-protection.com/
Guest comment
Zinga on April 1, 2010 01:42AM
AF day is 1. April not 31.March as the date of the article. So.. this article is a deliberate deception :)
Guest comment
BernardP on April 1, 2010 04:10AM
Hmmm...What day is it today? APRIL FOOL'S !
Guest comment
kishinkan on April 1, 2010 04:14AM
Thank you for "Happy AF Day"
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Goty on April 1, 2010 09:26AM
In case anyone is actually gullible enough to believe this, the Fermi architecture has its SMs arranged clusters of 32 shaders, making that the smallest unit of granularity. For the particularly slow, 580 does not evenly divide into 32, thus making this card an impossibility.
tjmagneto on April 1, 2010 09:50AM
I'm still waiting on the "Nessie" with 350 shaders.
Guest comment
Stevie on April 1, 2010 07:20PM
Sure hope folks didn't cancel their 480 orders then find out this was a lame joke...
werty316 on April 1, 2010 09:01PM
hehe great April Fool's joke. And get this, there is someone on another forum who thought this was real. He says he can't see the "Happy AF Day :)" text and basically called me blind.
Guest comment
Intrepi on April 2, 2010 08:28AM
Well, April fools or not, I haven't seen any 470 or 480 cards available to any retailers yet and it's April 2. Seems as though the hardware manufacturer's are beginning to adapt some of Microsoft's practices in announcing things that may or may not be available. Vista was something that never should have been made available. Now as much as I like Nvidia products, they really need to get themselves sorted out. Starting with their webpages as they don't work properly, many products are either no longer available ..GTX 295 for one and most products are not available to Canadians even though their online store indicates they are. In so far as the 470 and 480 cards, Nvidia should have teamed up with one of the cooler manufacturer's as did ATI and bring those temps down as they are far too high and this is a prelude to endless RMA's. It appears Nvidia has really been missing the boat and maybe this is why Sapphire, XFX and who knows who else is avoiding the latest and greatest from Nvidia ? No smoke, no mirrors, Nvidia needs to start thinking about their image as it's sliding downhill fast.
ClayMeow on April 2, 2010 09:09AM
NVIDIA's image would be fine if not for the naivete of people like yourself. Sapphire has always been an ATI-exclusive manufacturer and XFX isn't willingly avoiding Fermi, it's NVIDIA that is stopping them from getting launch-day cards.
Guest comment
Question on April 2, 2010 04:40PM
Can you explain why NVIDIA would stop XFX from getting cards? Did XFX do something wrong? Doesn't XFX offer lifetime warranties on their products? Wouldn't that suggest that they build quality products? Wouldn't that send the wrong message to potential NVIDIA buyers?
ClayMeow on April 2, 2010 05:52PM
XFX started manufacturing ATI cards, so NVIDIA is basically punishing them. Apparently they're only holding off at launch, not forever.
guitaro on April 2, 2010 04:56PM
I've been an NVIDIA supporter in the last several cards in my personal machine. However, I have owned ATI in the past. I've compared all the new products and I've determined the 5850 or 5870 to be the best two to choose from based on several factors. NVIDIA needs to be more careful when it comes to power usage, temperatures, and noise. People do look at longterm ownership costs when comparing products. Although, ATI's new products aren't much better in temperatures and noise. I think more people will be going towards the products with quiet & efficient versions of any of the new products. I think it's worth the extra cost to save my ears from extra noise and my room from extra heat.
Guest comment
Yorgaras on April 3, 2010 05:28PM
anyone knows the engine clock of 580???

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