HP Slate: From under $550, with Atom CPU?

premiumgfx - March 20, 2010 10:46PM in Gadgets

With the never-ending media frenzy around the iPad it seems as though other products are fading away into obscurity. Take the HP Slate for example, it first debuted earlier this year when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer featured it in his CES keynote. Back then there were no details on anything about the Slate. However more (although unconfirmed) information has come to light since then. The iPad-esque Slate is reported to feature an Atom CPU, USB connectivity, an inbuilt memory card reader, a webcam and to top it all off, Flash support. It's already a given that the Slate will run Windows 7. The Slate could retail from as low as $542 (€400), positioning it close to the middle range and top end iPads, although the final price hasn't been unveiled. The HP Slate is due to be released this June, so I'd say its best to wait and see what HP has to offer to get the best deal.