Blu-ray Player Prices Come Down

gebraset - March 16, 2010 05:49PM in Music / Video Players

Even though the price of DVD movies are still the best deal for the vast majority of consumers, Blu-ray adoption is creeping its way up, though very slowly. This slow adoption is due mainly to high prices, in both the player market, and in the physical media portion of the market. Though the media is still selling at high prices, and is not yet set to come down at all, the prices of Blu-ray players seems to be dropping quite a bit as the market progresses. Recently, prices for the high-definition media players have gone down from over one hundred dollars, into the seventy, and eighty dollar region. While these players that fall into the lower price range category may not have all of the features or greatest quality of the top models, they still offer Blu-ray capability.