Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 Series Shown Off

bp9801 - March 15, 2010 08:32PM in Mobile

The build-up for the new Windows Phone 7 Series is slowly starting to take off. At its MIX10 event, Microsoft showed off the new marketplace for the platform. The marketplace appears to be similar to what the Zune already has, though it has received a nice facelift. Aside from looking great, the marketplace will allow for credit card purchases, operator billing and ad-supported content. Having ads with your apps is nothing new for Android and iPhone users and the new Windows phones will be no different. The Windows platform will also allow for demos of the apps, though it is up to the developer to say for how long it lasts. Once you have downloaded the apps of your choosing, you can pin them to the Quick Launch screen for easy access.

Windows Phone 7 Series is still on schedule to be rolled out this coming holiday season.