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It's all about the Benjamins for PhysX Developers

Category: Gaming, Manufacturers
Posted: 01:04AM

If you've been keeping up with PC games as of late, there's no doubt you've noticed that more and more of them support Nvidia's PhysX technology. There's also no doubt that you've read or even experienced that some of these games make much better use of the technology than others. Well if what Richard Huddy says is true, there might be a reason why. Huddy is AMD’s senior manager of developer relations in Europe and he says that "Most game developers implement PhysX in their games not because they want to, but because it is implied by the marketing deal they have with Nvidia" and that "With the exception of Epic, don't actually want PhysX but they end up using it after all because NVIDIA pays them to." He goes even further to say "What I have seen with physics, or PhysX rather, is that Nvidia create a marketing deal with a title, and then as part of that marketing deal, they have the right to go in and implement PhysX in the game. The problem with that is obviously that the game developer doesn’t actually want it. They are not doing it because they want it; they’re doing it because they are paid to do it."

Obviously these are pretty strong words, but Nvidia doesn't exactly have a clean record. Discuss it in the comments or our forums.

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