Intel's Nehalem-EX Octo-Cores Releasing End of the Month

MrAlex - March 8, 2010 12:56PM in CPU's

This month Intel will be releasing their first Octo-Core Xeon server parts to go head to head against AMD’s Dodeka-Core Magny Cours Opteron. It will be manufactured on the 45nm HKMG fabrication process, coming with -if you haven’t guessed it already- 8 cores and another 8 threads, giving a total of 16 threads and a whopping 24MB of L3 Cache. This will come with 4 QPI links (mainly for use in Quad/Octo socket servers) and support for Intel’s TurboBoost technology. This will be nicely packaged with 2.3 Billion transistors.  Clock speeds, models and pricing have yet to be revealed, but fear not for they will be revealed soon.