Western Digital Launches First Consumer SSD

gebraset - March 3, 2010 12:53PM in Manufacturers, Storage / Hard Drives

While Seagate and others have already pledged to enter the solid state drive market, Western Digital from the beginning has been slow about its adoption. The company has had a few trials with the enterprise market and the flash technology, and has seen some benefits in offering products to more of a wide consumer base. Due to this, the company has just released its new SiliconEdge Blue drive, which is made to tend to more of the enthusiast market while still keeping true to mainstream users. Sadly, performance was not as good as expected compared to the price when it was reviewed, but the new drive is still a decent attempt for Western Digital to offer a solid state drive to regular consumers. Hopefully the hard drive company makes more performance oriented solid state drive solutions in the future though, such as the Black series that is found on their traditional hard drives.