Opera 10.5 Gets Released

gebraset - March 2, 2010 03:28PM in Internet, Software

Opera has continued to contend with the major internet browsing applications, including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox as well. The program got mixed results however with the 10.2 release, since it was significantly slower than 10.1. Developers has reworked everything in the browser however, and as of its release today, are now claiming that Opera 10.5 is the fastest Windows browser to exist currently, not including any development build that are out. Opera contains a new engine known as Carakan and also features a video engine known as Vega. While users will certainly notice the major speed increase in the program, the interface will be noted as well due to it being completely redone and made to work with all the new Windows visualizations. Sadly, Opera 10.5 did not get released today for Linux and Macintosh as it always has in the past, put promises are being kept with a coming soon notion from the program developers.