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Digital Storm Launches Black|OPS Gaming Desktops

Category: Prebuilts
Posted: 03:46PM

If you frequent our forums, then you are likely the type of person who enjoys picking out components and building your own system rather than opting for something pre-built. Looking at Digital Storm's new Black|OPS range of gaming desktops might well tempt you to let someone else do the job, with it offering the latest hardware in a thoroughly tested package. According to Digital Storm, each system goes through a 72-hour stress test before it is shipped out and if you want some of your components overclocked then they can do that for you too (at a cost, naturally). Overclocked machines are still covered by a three year parts and labour warranty.

The range starts out with the Performance model, equipped with a Core i5 750, 4GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 275 for a base price of $1,709, which rises to a base price of $3,102 for the Extreme model (Core i7 960, 6GB RAM, Radeon HD 5870 and 1250W PSU). The number of customization options is extensive, including overclocking, cooling system (including H2O tube colors) and chassis mods and a healthy list of component choices. All in all you can drop upwards of $10K on an Extreme model system if you feel so inclined. That would certainly give you something mighty impressive, but maybe not the feeling of satisfaction gained by putting it together yourself (plus a considerably lighter wallet of course). Digital Storm's video, which demonstrates how its systems are put together and tested is also worth a look.

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joel.monteiro on February 11, 2010 11:31PM
thats the corsair case
ekiM on February 12, 2010 02:00AM
I'm adoring that watercooling, very nice
PeeWee90 on February 12, 2010 10:43AM
Nice watercooling indeed... Still cheaper and more fun to do it yourself though!

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