Logitech Claims Three Year Battery Life for Wireless Desktop MK710

jammin - February 10, 2010 06:21PM in Input Devices

Our current weekly forum poll here at OCC asks our members about their mouse and keyboard preferences; wired or wireless? Those who prefer the reduced clutter of the wireless option, or who are looking for a keyboard and mouse to use with their laptop might take an interest in Logitech's latest offering. The Wireless Desktop MK710 has a claimed battery life of three years, an impressive feat if accurate. It does of course depend on how heavily you use your input devices, with Logitech basing its claims on two million keystrokes a year and unspecified mouse usage. Reducing the active mode time of the keyboard and mouse when left idle is one way that Logtiech squeezes out battery life, as well as using its tiny 2.4GHz Unifying receiver, which should be small enough for laptop users to leave connected to a USB port at all times.

You probably wouldn't want to carry around the the MK710 with you as an addition to a netbook (unless you really needed that increased typing speed potential), but it looks as though it should slip into a larger laptop bag or be useful for a desktop machine. You should expect to see it available in Europe during February and in the U.S. starting in April with an MSRP of $99.99