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Google Wants to Sell You Broadband

Category: Internet
Posted: 01:16PM

Google has revealed its intent to enter into the broadband market in the United States, which is falling behind much of the world in speed and pricing. The fiber-optic network from Google has a goal of 1Gbps, more speed than any residential user could need. The best news from the announcement is that Google plans to offer this service at prices comparable to much slower services currently offered. Initial plans are to offer the service to roughly 500,00 homes across the United States. Google hopes that by doing this it can further expand its offering of apps that may be more bandwidth intensive.

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tkrow21 on February 10, 2010 01:18PM
Wow, now that's surprising to me.
Risensun on February 10, 2010 02:02PM
Friggin sweet, been hoping they would do something like this.
nickosha on February 10, 2010 02:30PM
Aren't they investing in Solar and wind power, too. Google is becoming enormous.
malmsteenisgod on February 10, 2010 02:36PM
Finally. I'm sick of roadrunner.
N.E.A on February 10, 2010 04:56PM
that will be great ....:D
NCC10281982B on February 10, 2010 05:10PM
sounds very cool
dbuchmann on February 10, 2010 05:18PM
Google is our lord and master?
gebraset on February 10, 2010 08:43PM
I can't wait to see what Google has planned. I'm personally tired of slow speeds for high prices in the United States, but that's just me.
CAINuKe on February 10, 2010 09:14PM
Next up, Google cars, air and water!
killagorilla187 on February 11, 2010 12:11AM
Time to get TWC and Comcast out of the mix and their shady practices / unethical bull#!$%
NCC10281982B on February 12, 2010 04:05AM
Yeah like of you maker changes to your service they turn off automatic payment and you don't get to find out until a month after the bill was due.
My_Inner_Fred on February 11, 2010 09:39PM
I'm looking forward to dis XD

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