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Optimus Technology Unveiled

Category: Video Cards, Manufacturers
Posted: 11:05AM

Previously, NVIDIA attempted to make a solution for mobile users to switch between discrete graphics for power and gaming, and onboard IGPs to save mainly battery. The process in doing this however was not as easy as it always should have been, with users having to close all programs that were open, make the switch, and then switch it back to the original settings before continuing afterward. This process entailed too much work for the consumer to actually use the technology often, and it was not displayed in many areas in mobile computers. The company has just let loose another type of technology that will offer the same benefits without needing any input from the user, known as NVIDIA Optimus. The new idea from the green company is now software based, with regular updates planned for in the future, and offers more of what the technology should have been from the beginning. It can now switch between discrete and onboard graphics instantly, and detect by itself when NVIDIA’s discrete graphics need to be powered up and used. All of this occurs without the user needing to do anything, optimizing time as well as battery life in the end. Intel chips, including the Intel Core i3, i5, i7, Penryn Core 2 Due and Pinetrail N4xx processors are supported to work with the NVIDIA GeForce 300M, 200M, and the ION 2 GPU. NVIDIA Optimus can be used for CUDA applications, intensive GPU tasks, and also many gaming situations, and with the technology being so advanced, it should be adopted widely for those who want and can pay for the hardware.

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