iPad Getting Some Bad News?

CheeseMan42 - February 8, 2010 02:45PM in Mobile

The iPad had been extremely hyped and talked about before its official announcement. However, a recent poll indicates that consumers are not as interested as they once were. The survey asked 1,000 people if they had heard of the iPad. After the announcement, 70% of people indicated they were not interested in the product, up from 61% before the announcement. The number of respondents who thought they needed the iPad remained largely unchanged, but an increasing number thought they did not need one. A further turnoff to consumers was the price premium for 3G access. On top of this news, an analyst following the iPad at Credit Suisse believes Apple will drop the price early on if the early adopters do not come out. An announcement like this would put me off from buying one to get it for a lower price. Regardless, the iPad should be very popular and will find its way into many hands. There are always people who will buy the latest gadgets just to have them.