IBM Power7 Processors Launched Today

MrAlex - February 8, 2010 12:00PM in CPU's

Today IBM has finally launched their anticipated Power7 processors. You can expect quite a punch from this new processor, especially since servers are becoming more and more demanding as time passes by. The processor is made up of 8 physical cores, which are able to execute four threads per core meaning a total of 32-Threads. This shall rival Intel’s 8-Core Xeons, which have a total of 16-Threads. This new chip contains technology from their own, old Cell processor, "We took some of that genetic material from the Cell program--ways to do floating point (calculations)--and embedded that right into the Power7 core," said Bradley McCredie. They won’t be able to be bought separately though, you’ll have to purchase them in servers directly from IBM themselves:
•  IBM Power 780: a new category of scalable, high-end servers, featuring an advanced modular design with up to 64 Power7 cores.
•  IBM Power 770: a midrange system with up to 64 Power7 cores, featuring higher performance per core than Power6 processors and using up to 70 percent less energy for the same number of cores as Power6 processors.
•  IBM Power 755: a high-performance computing cluster node with 32 Power7 cores.