Comcast Wants to be Cool, Rebranding as XFINITY

d3bruts1d - February 4, 2010 05:00AM in General News

During yesterday's earnings call, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and COO Steve Burke announced that in order to rebuild the company image, they were simply going to rebrand as XFINITY. Ok, that isn't exactly how the announcement went, but it might as well. Beginning next week Comcast TV, Internet, and Digital Voice products will begin carrying the name XFINITY. Yes, you'll be seeing XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet, and XFINITY Digital Voice. The rollout will begin in 11 markets (Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Hartford, Augusta, Chattanooga, parts of the Bay Area and San Francisco) with more markets to come later this year.

...XFINITY, the new brand for our technology platform and products. Simply put, XFINITY is about offering our customers more — more HD, more speed, more choice and more control over their services. XFINITY is the culmination of years of work to transition Comcast’s network and products to a platform that will now offer 100+ HD channels, 50 to 70 foreign-language channels, approaching 20,000+ VOD choices, incredibly fast Internet speeds (50 Mbps growing to 100+ Mbps) and thousands of TV shows and movies online for our customers to watch whenever and wherever they want.

Of course, the new brand is open to all kinds of interpretation. "Finity" is that for infinity or finite? Yes, yes, it is clear Comcast wants to play on word infinity in an attempt to play up the claims of having the fastest high-speed internet and offer a lot of TV channels, HD-TV options, and VOD stuff. But what is the "X" for? Expensive? Excessive? Excruciating? Extreme? Ten? Christ? Or "X" could simply represent a mathematical variable based on what a consumer is willing to pay.