New Intel Core i5 Capable of Running Modern Games

gebraset - January 13, 2010 01:02PM in CPU's, Gaming

With the new Arrandale processor, Intel has put a graphics solution on the same socket as the central processing unit. The company has claimed since its initial showcasing of the technology into the market, that many games would be able to run on the intergrated solution to save both energy and money as well. In a new test to see if this claim was true, it was found that the Core i5 processor can run Modern Warefare 2 on good quality, but can only run it at a resolution of 640x480. Even at that low of a resolution however, it was still shown that the game, which is one of the most popular titles right now along with one of the newest, was able to run at a constant 30FPS. Hopefully within time, the technology will be improved, and more games will be able to be ran at higher resolutions and better details than what is currently available to consumers.