Gigabyte H55 Motherboard First With Win 7 Logo Certification

Nemo - January 12, 2010 07:32PM in Motherboards

Intel introduced it's Clarksdale line of processors earlier this month, and while the new processors fit into the existing Socket 1156, there was a new line of chipsets required. With the new Intel H55/H57 chipsets come new motherboards of course and Gigabyte has introduced a lineup of H55/H57 boards including the GA-H55M-UD2H which Gigabyte has announced that has become the first Intel H55 based board to pass the rigorous Windows 7 logo certification. Because it has passed Microsoft's Windows Quality Labs (WHQL), users are assured of getting the most stable, highest quality Windows 7 experience possible. This should be only the first as other models in Gigabyte's H55/H57 lineup are currently being tested and are expected to qualify for Win 7 logo certification within the next week.