Google Docs Now Allows All File Types

gebraset - January 12, 2010 01:09PM in Internet

When Google Docs first started for everyone to use, the service allowed only files to be converted into a Google Doc format when uploaded and also only allowed 250MB of storage. Many people found that the conversion to the Google Doc format was an unwanted feature that came along with using the cloud service, and have also wanted more storage space for more files to be stored. Google is now providing solutions for both problems, as they are now increasing the storage space by four times, providing 1GB of total storage, and are also allowing all file types to be kept on Google Docs. The search engine company is stating that it is not a solution to cloud storage, and is not for users to store large files on, but is instead intended for users to upload their documents, no matter the file type, to share with others across the Internet. Most users will see the changes take effect within the next few weeks on their account.