XFX and NVIDIA May Separate

gebraset - January 11, 2010 01:06PM in Video Cards, Manufacturers

Though XFX has been for a while one of the three major companies to push NVIDIA cards, along with EVGA and BFG, the company might soon be broke off from the chain due to its involvement with AMD and their Radeon cards. All of the companies offer lifetime warranties on the cards, but the only video card company to offer a double lifetime warranty is XFX, where the warranty can be transferred to another person after the said card is registered by the original purchaser. The rumor has been circling the CES venue for a bit now, and while there have been no signs of this actually happening, as the rumor has not yet been confirmed or denied, XFX will take a large downfall if it is in fact true. Even though the company does offer ATI Radeon cards, they are not one of the major ones to sell AMD based graphic chipset video cards, and may not be able to earn enough revenue to keep the company afloat with its current budget and marketing.