Lego Coming to an MMO Near You

CheeseMan42 - January 9, 2010 10:54PM in Gaming

Details of LEGO Universe, the upcoming MMO, were available to those attending CES this week. I had not even heard of this game before now. The game plays like many other MMO offerings, with players tasked with completing various quests. However, in the land of Lego, players will be able to build their own buildings using the colorful building blocks. The initial mission has players build a rocket ship to get out of the starting area. One unique feature about the Lego MMO is that players can take on a variety of roles simply by changing what they are wearing. You can be a pirate or a knight, and won't be limited to one class for your entire playtime. No information has been given on pricing, but as with most MMOs, expect a monthly fee. The game should appeal to a wide range of gamers, as they have been a very popular toy for decades.