New Netbook Shown From Gateway

gebraset - January 9, 2010 02:36PM in Optical Drives, Mobile, Manufacturers

For the most part, ASUS dominates the netbook market mainly, and has seen the beginning of the netbook generation. Other manufacturers such as MSI, Gateway, and even SAMSUNG have releases multiple products to try to get the attention of consumers. Gateway has just unveiled a new netbook that will be available soon, and though is a bit thicker than the usual netbooks, features an optical drive. The new computer, known as the EC14D, includes 4GB of RAM, an 8x DVD writer, an 11.6-inch LED screen, a multi-gesture touchpad, three USB ports, gigabit LAN, as well as a multiple format card reader. Also included in the $629.99 retail prices netbook is a webcam, HDMI and VGA outputs, 802.11n WiFi, GMA 4500MHD graphics, and an Intel SU4100 at 1.3GHz. Though not really a netbook in the size factor, it is interesting what Gateway has done with attempting to squeeze an optical drive in such a small package.