Blu-Ray Capacity Increases

gebraset - January 7, 2010 09:59PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Sony and Panasonic have collaborated together to create a new technology that was debuted last year to increase Blu-Ray disk storage, from 25GB all the way to 33.4GB. The technology to allow this is known as Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation, or i-MLSE, evaluation index and predicts partial response. Jitter is also a factor in the new technology, and has been thoroughly examined in the new technology. This news from both Sony and Panasonic bring in the first change to Blu-Ray since its initial release, besides having a dual-layer disk available. As of now, it is not yet known when these higher capacity disks will be available to consumers, but once they come into the market at a hopefully reasonable price, sales will likely spike due to current storage limitations with disks compared to other storage mediums.